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Tena, Ecuador
Direct trade
Scientist with natural drug research, Na
San Lorenzo
Sierra (Ecuador)

I'm pleased to bring you Ecuador, my country, my roots, my flavors and heritage.  The place I spent my young years. Where learning about herbs was a commitment, and my kitchen could be my lab.

Now, you can enjoy from our warm household to yours and be part of this tradition.

I open my heart and my family to you.


I'm an immigrant with a lot of dreams, who grew up drinking tea as a solution for all kind of things.  From headaches to cramps, tea was our natural way to relieve and help our bodies. 

I come from a family with very smart and strong women, who supported themselves and their families. Even now, some of them continuing supporting them with passion, love, and of course tea!!

Come and enjoy with us our blends of traditions and worldwide flavors that will amaze you!

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